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Effy’s in hospital, Naoms and Ems are galavanting around Gao, Panda’s off to Havard, and JJ’s moved to somewhere - he’s not sure - with his new wife and child, playing house. Cook’s alone. For several months it’s been that way. Until he met Mini. Mini, who looks at the world, so convinced that everything is wonderful and nothing is wrong, as long nobody can see through that facade of hers, where infact, everything is a mess and nothing is right. When he’d first met her, he’d thought she’d be a fun fuck but it soon turned out she wasn’t well into that and instead ended up just talking and drinking… but mostly laughing at the ridiculous ensembles she insisted on prancing around in. It goes like this for a few months.

When she keeps pressing and pressing for answers Cook can’t give, he suddenly says everything he’s been holding in for nearly a year. The reason he fled Bristol, the reason he’s still running from the police, and the reason he’s been drinking himself dizzy; drinking like if he could swallow enough of that liquor it could turn back time. When he’s finally said it, he feels his face is wet from from tears of anger, frustration, and… relief.

Mini stares back at him, a look of shock and fear written on her face. They both look back at each other in silence for a moment before Mini swallows, turns, and leaves, without a word. Cook lets out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding in and leans back against the bookshelf behind him. He figures he’s probably just lost the only friend he had left in Bristol.

“I love you. I’m here now. That’s the best I’ve got, Cass.”

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